See, we don’t really care who you are,
We’ve kinda got this non-exclusive policy of determining exactly,
Who we open up to and let into our family,
And then who becomes a part of our united mass of harmony.
And that’s kind of become the thesis to this song,
Through suffering, acceptance,…


It’s literally a spiritual experience hearing sanctuary and hear everyone recite Sam’s spoken word with him.

Sam Miller & Lucas Zimmerman || Paradise Fears
Houston, TX
House of Blues Bronze Peacock
Battle Scars Acoustic and In the Round Tour

(Source: somethinglikeacrisis)


my best friend is no longer a part of an amazing thing that we started together,
& it’s reminding me of the soul’s awesome ability to feel a lot of things, all right at the same time.

lucas, the drummer of paradise fears of four and a half years, is going back to school to get a civil…


"I wanna pop you!"